A map to see the trends of Twitter in a specific place

A map to see the trends of Twitter in a specific place

A map to see the trends of Twitter in a specific place

It is not the first time that someone has this idea, but it does not stop being a curiosity with which to spend hours seeing what people are talking about on Twitter. The so-called Trending Topics or Twitter trends give us a clue of the hot topics on Twitter in a country or geographical area.

From Twitter, you can take a look at those topics from the Explore tab. But with the Twitter Trends app, you can click on a world map to zoom in and out of certain geographic areas. This is how you will see the Twitter trend for those particular areas.

Behind this Twitter map is the programmer Mehmet Burak Erman, who takes advantage of the Twitter API to put a spin on Twitter trends or topics of interest.

Twitter trends on a map

The Twitter Trends map uses Google’s own map. You just have to click on a point on the planet to see the trends for that country or the city ??or territory closest to where you clicked.

To get more aim you can zoom in with the corresponding buttons or by double-clicking. And on touch screens, doing the opposite gesture of pinching the screen. You can also walk away and start over in order to consult topics and trends in various parts of the world.

Twitter Trend uses the Twitter API, so the list of displayed topics is up to date. In addition, if you click on one of them, a new tab in your browser will open with the Twitter page so that you can consult the publications related to those tags or trends.

Twitter trends are a curious way to find out what people are talking about in a specific country or city. And with this map, you will have the opportunity to consult it in an original and more practical way than from the official Twitter options.

Trends by time and origin

In the Web version of Twitter, for example, to see trends for other geographic locations you have to go to Explore> Trends, click on the Options button, and then on Explore locations.

And if you don’t quite like the map proposed by Twitter Trends, you can opt for Trends24. Instead of a map, it shows the trend lists.

By default, you will see world trends by time slots. This way you will see the current ones and those of a few hours ago up to a limit of 21 hours. And from the drop-down above, you can filter and see Twitter trends by country or city. You just have to type in the search engine to see the geographical area you are looking for. You will instantly see the trends of users who tweet from there.

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