Muhammad Saad (CEO/Founder)

As the founder and CEO of Exytex, Muhammad saad is responsible for the growth and success of Exytex. He is a mentor, visionary and motivator who believes in nurturing his people to find their passion and purpose.


Muhammad Usama (Co-Founder)

Usama is leading the client success practice at Exytex from the ground up. He is responsible for all aspects of sales and business organization including lead generation, new sales, account management and customer support. He works closely with the CEO, delivery and functional teams and provides ongoing customer and market feedback to assist and contribute to Exytex's future roadmap and success.

Muhammad Arshad (Business Manager )

Arshad is focused on managing Exytex's United Kingdom operations and growth. He is responsible for directing the core functions to achieve the organization's business vision. He ensures smooth business operations, development and implementation of company culture, and a productive work environment. Arshad has spent much time at Exytex and also oversees the development and growth of the company's leadership team. Arshad is also responsible for the strategic direction of Exytex's digital practices and operations. He will pursue superior customer service, innovative digital marketing solutions and talent development in the digital marketing group. Arshad has worked closely with various advertising and marketing agencies and marketing leaders.

Muhammad Gulzaman Ali (Software Developer)

Gulzaman is a software Developer with over 5 years of experience working on large, complex, and complicated projects that have tested my skills and shown my ability to handle them. I will give quality services in the following area related to web development and maintenance, - PHP, Jquery, Javascript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap.

Jawad Ali (App Developer)

Jawad is a Mobile application developer who believes in committing to projects from start to finish., He can perform all the programming-related tasks on a project at long-term and successful collaboration with clients.