The need to create attractive content, both graphically and textually, is a fact. Today there are more and more programs that provide us with multiple resources for this purpose. The most interesting thing is that in addition to having many paid tools to obtain the desired results, we have at our disposal an infinity of free sites and software that allow us to do excellent work, obtaining almost the same results with a professional style.

Although the scope of free programs has certain limitations, the truth is that, if you learn to use them and get the most out of them, the benefits can be excellent. We have previously seen image editing programs with a wide range of possibilities, but this time we will talk about some video editing software that you cannot miss; especially if one of your goals is video marketing.

1. HitFilm

HitFilm is one of the best video editing software, which can be downloaded for free. This tool offers incredible results and is one of the most used for small film projects. It can be considered a simpler version of programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe after Effects. For those who make short films or movies, and do not have the budget for expensive programs, this software offers excellent results.

Some of the many functions it has been, for example, take shots, 3D and green screen; among others.

2. Filmora

Filmora is a video editing tool with a relatively simple and clear interface. It is compatible with Windows 10 and presents the necessary utilities to carry out a basic edition: cut, divide, join, filters and layers, etc. Also has special effects such as filters, green screen, face-off, titles, motion effects, slow motion, overlays, mosaic, split-screen, and picture-in-picture, among others. It is useful for any type of video, audio file as well as screen recording and photos.

On the other hand, this software offers the possibility of sharing videos on social networks such as Facebook or YouTube, and on devices such as iPad or iPhone.

3. Blender

Blender is a free video editor useful for both Windows and Mac. It is one of the most used software in the field of 3D. Some of the possibilities it offers are animation of three-dimensional graphics, creation of lighting systems, modeling based on modifiers, character animation, rendering, material based on nodes, etc. Like HitFilm, Blender is ideal for small businesses or freelance artists on a budget. It does not require too much space since it only weighs 22 MB and its load is quite fast.

One of its disadvantages is that for those who are not familiar with 3D design it can be quite complex to learn. However, the results it offers make it worth a try.

4. Lightworks

This software was launched in 1989, being one of the first to allow non-linear video editing; which implies that only the desired frame is modified. It is known to have been used for the editing of famous films such as Pulp Fiction and Mission: Impossible. This shows its great scope and capacity, and therefore its complexity. However, if you already have knowledge of programs of this style, learning is not so difficult.

Some of the Lightworks functionalities are trimming, speed change with a timeline, volume, multi-camera support, and special effects.

5. Avidemux software

This program is very useful for those who are not looking for anything complex and need to correct recording errors or make adjustments to basic issues. It is easy to use and offers good results, allowing for example to solve light problems, cropping, adding filters, coding, etc. It accepts different file formats such as AVI or MPEG, and although its design is not the neatest or orderly, its simplicity makes it very useful and practical.

For those who are starting in the world of video marketing and want to experiment first with simple programs that do not require great knowledge, Avidemux is a good option.

6. Shotcut software

Shotcut is open source software, free and with great capacity (supports up to 4K); useful for both Windows, Linux, and OSX. As its name indicates, it allows you to take screenshots to carry out tutorials, for example, it also has basic video editing tools such as adding or extracting music, cutting, pasting, converting formats, etc.

For those who are not dedicated to editing videos in a professional way. They can find in Shotcut an excellent tool, since in addition to having a simple design and pleasant to the eye. It is very easy to learn to handle and they have the plus of being in many languages.

Nowadays it is not necessary to make investments to have excellent results. Since these free software have enough to work creating very good content that can look professional. If you want to enhance the visual impact and create good video marketing material. Just lose your fear and dare to experiment with some of this editing software that leave nothing to envy to paid programs.

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