Top 10 UX tools to make your life easier in 2022

Top 10 UX tools to make your life easier in 2022

Top 10 UX tools to make your life easier in 2022

Top 10 UX tools to make your life easier in 2022

UX tools are digital tools used by UX designers and product designers at different stages. Work to create websites, apps, and products that are really useful to the user. UX tools help with various tasks in the various stages of product development, from research to usability testing, from establishing wireframes to prototyping, and even managing design activities. UX tools help structure the information architecture, product experience and user flow. That is, they are part of the entire UX process.

1. Adobe XD

XD is Adobe’s UX tool focused on prototyping. The software has evolved a lot in recent years, making collaborative projects and document sharing possible. It’s a solid Adobe-signed UX tool that allows you to create and animate graphics. Unfortunately, it is still not possible for professionals to work simultaneously on the same document. Available for Windows and macOS.

2. Figma

What is sorely missed in Adobe XD is exactly the Figma differential . As a collaborative prototyping tool, Figma gained prominence among UX and UI professionals. The simultaneous use of several designers in the same file consolidated Figma as a tool to bring the team together in the same creation environment. Figma is also a UX and UI tool with an excellent interface, allowing the insertion of elements, animations and encodings to create prototypes that are closer to the final result. It is a UX tool based on WebGL technology, which allows it to run on all browsers, such as Windows and Mac, in addition to being available in a mobile version for mirroring prototypes.

3. Sketch

Sketch is a UX tool with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, ideal for creating visually interesting mockups and prototypes. Sketch’s success in the market forced Adobe to launch its own UX tool, Adobe XD. And just like XD, Sketch fails to not allow collaborative projects, because it only works on macOS.

UX Tools for Usability Testing

This is the step of testing your prototype’s potential. Usability testing tools confirm that the project is on track before launch and are key within a UX and UI strategy to gather feedback and apply improvements. Let’s check out three solid tools for usability testing:

4. UserTesting

Yes, the name of this tool for testing the usability of a UX project is UserTesting . But make no mistake, despite not having the most creative name, the platform is excellent at finding suitable candidates to test new projects, UX and interfaces. You can chat with users as they engage with their work. Available in Windows and macOS browsers.

5. Applause

Applause is another UX tool for testing. The usability of a project through participants. Applause is a premium UX tool on the market that needs a hands-on approach and offers the developer the assistance of an expert UX professional to help with usability studies.

6. UXCam App Analytics

The UXCam Recording Session offers capabilities that let you easily see how real users navigate through the application’s interface. A great UI feature.

Just remember that it will not be possible to conduct interviews through UXCam due to its feature of gathering and observing data in real use.

UX Tools for Diagrams/Flowchart

Mapping and tracking your project diagram, also known as user flow or flowchart, is one of the big responsibilities in UX and UI projects. Therefore, the UX tool used for this purpose is very important during project development. It is possible to use some of the tools already mentioned, but not all of them have the ability to trace diagrams. Discover some options to perform this step with excellence.

7. Overflow

Available in all browsers, Overflow is a tool aimed at user flow solutions that integrate with Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. With Overflow, it is possible to modify the design using the other tools together, adding device skins and rearranging them.

8. Flowmap

The FlowMapp is a usability testing tool that provides a visual structure, near the wireframing sketches to map user flows. With FlowMapp, you build simple diagrams using shapes, lines and iconography. Available in all browsers.

9. UXCam Screen Flow

Focused exclusively on mobile applications, UXCam Screen Flow is a UX tool that makes a more pragmatic and realistic assessment of the user flow, analyzing users via camera during the usability test. Available in Windows and macOS browsers.

10. Miro

Used here at Attri, Miro is a UX tool that provides an online blank dashboard and a variety of tools to fill it. Simple and intuitive to use, Miro is a unique and inspiring UX tool that makes collaborating, sharing and presenting a project a pleasure. In addition, it allows integration with other excellent UX tools such as Sketch, InVision and Adobe Creative Suite.

Lean UX: what it is and what tools are used for your steps

There is a concept called Lean UX, which explores a way of working the user experience with less deliverables, freeing the professional to think more about the project. Within Lean UX, there are three types of UX tools for each phase of the process:

  • Thinking: User Research Tools
  • Doing: development and design tools
  • Check: User Testing Tools

Whichever process the UX and UI team chooses, all phases need specific tools. In recent years, a number of UX tools have emerged on the market, ranging from independent startups to giants like Adobe. There are still features to be improved, such as the integration of these tools, as well as options that cover all stages of development.

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