Top 10 Software Development Trends in 2021

Top 10 Software Development Trends in 2021

Top 10 Software Development Trends in 2021

2021 is accompanied by innovations and ways of using technology and software to generate optimal results. Technological and social needs are being driven by changes that we will see soon. Many of the companies are adapting to digital acceleration, this being a way of devising new ways to boost their operations with great results.

We tell you the main trends in software development:

Focus on the cloud

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, some industries prospered and others experienced a sharp drop in demand. However, companies with cloud-based platforms avoided having to pay for data center services they didn’t need. Therefore, many more companies are likely to move their operations to the cloud in 2021.

Increased use of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is recognized for its role in cryptocurrencies. Among other uses that help prevent fraud in sensitive transactions. Some features are likely to increase in 2021, including usage within smart contract platforms.

Evolution of AI

In the area of ??natural language processing (NLP) allows computers to write texts and software programs. AI makes it possible for software engineers to program machines to do the right thing and take on additional functions.

Ancestry of the Python and JavaScript Language

Python and JavaScript is the easiest programming languages ??to learn and the most widely used. It is estimated that in 2021 they will continue to be the most demanded, in the programming language. Python used in data science, while JavaScript is still the most popular language in programming.

Progress in the use of modern languages

??Modern development languages ??are prepared to meet the demands of developers. Rust, Go, and Kotlin is becoming more popular due to features such as type inference, null safety, expressiveness, and conciseness. Microsoft and Amazon recently announced significant investments in Rust.

Improvements in native

Application development Mobile applications are becoming more and more important. To build applications with the greatest flexibility and best performance, software development teams are choosing to use native application development, which means creating two or more independent versions of an application to work with each major mobile operating system.

Progressive web application growth

Progressive web apps (PWA) reflect the benefits of websites and mobile apps to provide users with an optimized experience without companies having to create separate mobile applications for a specific operating system. These applications are built-in languages ??such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and can operate on any platform that uses a web browser. Because PWAs can enable cost savings while improving customer engagement.

IoT Expansion

The IoT is rapidly expanding to include billions of connected devices in many industries, such as healthcare, agriculture, shipping, and manufacturing. Each of these devices requires software to operate it, creating a great need for programmers to contribute the necessary security to prevent each one from becoming an entry point for hackers within a given system.

Importance of UX

Software development is not just about functionality, it is also about usability. That is, users must be able to easily understand how to operate applications, regardless of their size or complexity. User experience (UX) has become a major business driver in recent years and will continue to determine how companies design products and services.

Increased use of CI and CD

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are part of the software development process. The CI ensures, that numerous code changes are integrated into a software project. On the other hand, the CD promotes changes in settings and functions, as well as the correction of errors in a fast and sustainable way. Both processes allow development companies to complete projects more quickly, saving money and increasing efficiency.

Throughout the year 2021, you will see many innovations and ways to generate remarkable results with technology. This will be reflected as more companies achieve digital acceleration. And begin to think differently about how to use technology to meet their financial, social, and customer service goals.

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