Top 10 software companies with the best salaries in the UK

Top 10 software companies with the best salaries in the UK

Top 10 software companies with the best salaries in the UK

The job search portal Glassdoor has published a ranking of the ten companies that pay the best employees in the United Kingdom. At the top of the highest paying jobs are companies from the high-tech and financial sectors.

1. Salesforce


In the first position is this American cloud computing software company. The median salary is 110,000 pounds, with a base salary of 75,000.

2. Facebook


Mark Zuckerberg's software company is second at 95,600, starting from a salary of 72,000.

3. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company

The global strategic consultancy reaches 92,800 pounds and the base salary is 83,400.

4. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

The first bank on the list offers a median salary of 90,000, with a base of 80,000.

5. SAP


Another German software company on the list of highest-paid jobs, this time a multinational dedicated to the design of business management computer products. His median salary is the same as Deutsche Bank's, 90,000 pounds, but the base is lower than 70,000.

6. Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada software company

The second bank on the list pays 85,000 average salary and a base of 75,000.

7. Macquarie Group

Macquarie Group software company

The Australia-based global investment and financial services fund offer a salary of 83,000 and a base salary of 70,000.

8. Microsoft

Microsoft software company

The multinational founded by Bill Gates does not appear until eighth place. The salary received by his employees is 81,010 pounds, starting from 70,000.

9. Nomura International

Nomura International software company

The Japanese financial holding software company pays its employees 80,000 and a basic 75,000.

10. Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse software company

The Swiss bank completes the list with 80,000 and 73,500 to start with.