How to Boost Video Marketing on LinkedIn: Tips for Your Company

How to Boost Video Marketing on LinkedIn: Tips for Your Company

How to Boost Video Marketing on LinkedIn: Tips for Your Company

There are more interactions with publications, more time spent on the network, and more users. In UK alone, the professional social network already has three million users, around half of the most popular social network, Facebook. It offers companies a very interesting market in B2B, in the prospecting and hiring of human resources and in the search for business partners. In this article, we present tips on using video that you should consider using in your software company’s digital marketing strategy.

Tip 1: Leverage Native Video Reach

LinkedIn allowed native videos to be added to the network in 2017 and since then the growth has been exponential.

What are native videos?

Native videos are videos that are uploaded directly to the social network, through a file you have in your possession.

According to LinkedIn, native videos are shared 20 times more than other types of content.

Have ads that include video display rates generate close to 50%.

In other words, the use of native videos, usually produced and framed in your software company’s video strategy, allows you to reach different audiences, either with ads or through organic reach.

Tip 2: Generate Leads with Video Ads

When it comes to reaching audiences, Sponsored Content or Sponsored Content on LinkedIn is the most effective tool to achieve your company’s marketing goals.

And there’s nothing better than using video to tell visual stories that result in greater interaction and drive more traffic to your website or landing page.

You can also use your videos to generate leads without leaving LinkedIn with Lead Gen Forms.

Campaign Manager, which is currently in beta version, presents, among others, the Lead Generation solution that allows you to segment your target audience and target your message.

Tip 3: Recruiting Videos

LinkedIn is also a recruiting network.

Most companies turn to LinkedIn when they need to fill a vacancy in their company. Video is the best way to show your future employees the advantages of working in your software company. They are the best way to convey your company’s values, culture, team spirit, personality, and mission.

Tip 4: Case Study Videos and Success Stories

It is, perhaps, to improve the platform to show your case studies, especially if your software company negotiates B2B.

You can show the increase of the solution, product, or service that you have implemented in your client’s business, with videos aimed at case studies.

Tip 5: Publish to Groups

Groups that have hundreds of members linked to a topic are extremely interesting to get their content out. After all, they are there because they are interested in that topic. Add value to the community with your videos and connect with your members.

What’s to come?

Live video streaming is very close to being implemented on LinkedIn, as is already the case with Facebook and Instagram.

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