SEM and SEO positioning, keys to improving the visibility of your business


The SEO and SEM positioning of your business are two fundamental pillars within a well-planned marketing strategy…

The SEO and SEM positioning of your business are two fundamental pillars of a well-planned marketing strategy. The final objective of these actions coincides with that of the companies themselves, to reach a wider audience to finally sell their products or services. Search engine optimization works to achieve greater visibility of a brand and direct your prospects to your website.

The website is precisely the key element to implement these strategies because it is the place that will receive the traffic of people and where we will expose the products and services for sale. The possibilities of finding clients for a business implanted in the virtual environment. Are much greater than for a physical store because. If we design a correct strategy, we can reach clients from anywhere in the world.

Although both strategies can be carried out simultaneously, they are very different.

With SEM (Search Engine Marketing) paid ads are created on the Google Adwords platform. These ads are paid and there is a very varied typology that an SEM consultant can help you define. Depending on your objectives, the advertising will have a different design and cost. The great advantage is that results are achieved more quickly and it is a good system to start attracting clients from the beginning. However, for this, you have to make an investment.

SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) is responsible for placing the brand among the top results of search engines like Google. And it does it organically and naturally, that is, it is a free strategy, but with medium-term results. SEO is done both on-site, applying requirements on the website. Itself and off-site, measuring the reputation of your brand on other websites. The Google algorithm takes into account both the usefulness of the information you provide to the user and the notoriety of your brand to award you a good position.

Audit to analyze the best strategy for your business

The most interesting thing is that an SEO audit specialist can analyze your website to check if it meets the necessary requirements for its good positioning and what faults can be corrected. Some aspects of your website that can be improved are the content, the inclusion of keywords. The loading speed, the external link building, or the security certificates, among others.


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