Importance of personas to your software company!

Importance of personas to your software company!

Importance of personas to your software company!

You certainly know the concept of target audience and know how useful it can be for your software company – after all, with it, you can direct both your work and your marketing in order to reach the people you want more closely for your business.

Your customers want to be served in a personalized and more humanized way. For you to gain new customers, you need to make them feel that you are talking directly to their pain and anxieties.

In order for your software to be the best fit, you need to know as closely as possible what your audience’s needs are.

You can no longer spend time and resources developing features in your software or marketing strategies to a general audience, who often won’t even be interested in the solutions you have to offer.

That’s why you need to know the concept of personas.

Anyone who works with digital marketing has certainly worked with this concept or at least heard about it. But even those who have already created their personas can have a lot to learn about the subject! Keep reading and check it out!

What are personas? Isn’t that the same as the target audience?

This is basic for us to follow in our discussion, so read carefully!

In an abbreviated conceptualization, personas are semi-fictitious representations of your ideal client.

Did you understand?


Calm down that Exytex explains!

Let’s start with the concept of the target audience, which you certainly already know. To define your target audience, you gather some basic data from the people to whom your software is targeted.

So your target audience is a group of people, who share certain important information, such as age group, social class, gender, educational background, employment, among others.

The target audience can also be a group of companies that share characteristics such as number of employees, revenue range, number of customers, sector of activities, etc. in common.

Why does my persona need to look like someone real?

Creating personas is not just a new marketing fad to further deepen the idea of ??the target audience.

She is so much more than that! It is based on the development of the brain and the psychology of the human being!

After all, we are all human. Although each has its quirks, we all have tendencies that are of a kind. And one of them is empathy!

We can say that the world has less and less empathy, that the horrors of violence and the pleasures of the internet have left us anesthetized to the needs of others, but still when we see the face of someone in pain, it is natural for us to suffer together.

This is something that comes from the evolution of the human brain. Our species – without sharp claws or sharp teeth – has only survived so long and dominated the world for two reasons: We learned to make tools and to live in groups, defending each other.

This defensive instinct of our peers is what makes us cry at the end of a movie where we get involved with a character – who is fictional, but who has a name, a face, and a personality that makes us feel like we’re close. To him.

That’s how the persona works! We feel close to him – we nurture empathy! And so we can produce solutions that will directly meet his needs!

The persona in the stages of your software company!

To show you how persona can be useful at various times in your company, let’s continue using our new friend Fernando.

If this is your ideal client, start thinking about it when developing your software. Focus your efforts on creating digital solutions that address the problems and pains that this person has.

Build your software features that will benefit from Fernando’s knowledge of the industry, making him feel even more proud of what he is capable of doing.

Also prepare ways to deal with the problem he has with his team, enabling efficient team management in your system!

Your service and your commercial also benefit! After all, when talking to customers or prospects they don’t know, they won’t be talking to a faceless stat, but to Fernando!

This makes the service empathetic, more humanized, and goes straight to your customer’s pain, greatly improving customer satisfaction and also the sales rate!

Personas and Inbound Marketing for software company!

Plus you still have marketing! Before getting into your specifics, we can say with confidence: The use of personas makes your marketing attention be better directed.

  • As a result, you have increased conversion rates and avoid contacting customers who will not be interested in the solutions you can offer.
  • But this goes even further, especially when your company invests in Inbound Marketing!
  • As you already know, Inbound is attraction marketing, which works with a sales funnel: You attract the potential customer with subjects that can be interesting to generate opportunities or improve processes through which he goes.
  • When this customer is interested, it becomes a lead, which must be fed by your marketing with more content, until it becomes an opportunity and, at the end of the sales funnel, finally becomes a customer!
  • Now imagine this process using a persona! Sounds a lot easier, doesn’t it? When it comes to attracting potential customers with interesting subjects, you’ll produce content targeted to your persona!
  • Produce your content as if you were talking to Fernando about trends in the construction market and team organization!
  • Then, when he is already a qualified lead, offer new solutions, even show him how he can improve his processes and solve his pains by investing in the software you have to offer!

Did you notice how the whole process becomes clearer when you do it focusing on your persona? It helps even more when it comes to segmenting, writing your automation flows, and developing content.

Also, personas are a powerful tool for your lead scoring!

When ranking your potential customers to determine if they are close to buying, you’ll set points by comparing the customer’s profile with their actions on the purchase journey and the company’s persona!

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