How to promote an app after launch

How to promote an app after launch

How to promote an app after launch

Free and paid tools to help increase the number of app users and monetize them

In order for as many users as possible to know about the new application, you need to start promoting. Some tools do not require large investments and are available for almost free. Others need an advertising budget.

Free and inexpensive tools

Printing and competent online actions will help attract attention to the new service and will not require large expenses.

Banner on the site

The first thing you can do is place a banner on the mobile site. This way users will know about the application and can install it.


Place the QR code that leads to the application page in the App Store and Google Play on the packages or boxes in which you deliver orders, table tents, flyers, and cashier’s receipts.

Registration of cash zones

If you have an offline business, each client goes through the checkout – the place where the target audience of the application is concentrated. Figure out how to involve her. You can hang a bright advertising poster or offer customers to install the application in exchange for a discount or bonus.

Promotion in your social networks

If the company has pages on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, tell us about the new application in posts.

Email Marketing

If you already have a user base who may be interested in a new service, you need to maintain communication with them and involve them in the brand. Launch a weekly newsletter to share useful app features and special promotions for subscribers.

If there is no such base yet, it should be collected. This can be done through the feedback form on the site, pop-up windows offering to leave mail in exchange for a promotional code, or through publications on other sites.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a tool that doesn’t have an immediate effect. But if you draw up a competent content strategy and publication release plan, you generate useful content and can reach your target audience as much as possible, after a while, you will feel the effect.

Tools with a large advertising budget

If you are ready to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on promotion, use display and contextual advertising, and also increase the mentions of the application on social networks.

Display and contextual advertising

Display advertising is promotion using banners: a user sees an attractive banner, clicks on it, and goes to a page in the store, where he can download the application. Contextual advertising is the same, only a text message with an image or video is displayed instead of a banner.

Google Ads allows you to serve ads on Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and other resources. Your ad campaign is automatically optimized to reach more users interested in apps similar to yours. You can promote your app across all Google services with one campaign.

Social media promotion

Targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is ads and publications that the user sees in the feed, in the application, on the website pages in the desktop and mobile versions. Each social network has a specific format for advertising applications. 

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