How much does it cost to promote an online store?

How much does it cost to promote an online store?

How much does it cost to promote an online store?

There are no flat rates in SEO. The price of promoting an online store depends on many factors. To calculate the budget, the specialist needs to delve into the specifics of the niche, analyze the original site and describe what actions will help the client achieve the desired results. Only then can we talk about approximate prices.

The challenge for SEO is not just to fit the “keys” to the pages. In fact, this is not the most important job and does not take much time. Selling is a key SEO goal. And for this, it is not enough to select key queries – you need to bring users to the site and interest them so that they buy.

The cost of promoting an online store includes all those actions that attract customers: from the moment you select the desired link in Google and until you click the order button. The user is motivated at every stage, and if at least one of the steps to the coveted purchase is not worked out, there will be no effect from the promotion. And this is one of the reasons why website promotion cannot be cheap. Below are five more.


Enter any commercial query in the search bar, such as “buy a bike” or “order a phone,” and look at the first page on Google. The first positions have long been firmly occupied by Internet giants.

You can overtake them. But it will take time and a significant budget, including the purchase of the link mass, the writing of high-quality content, and work on the usability of the site. This makes it possible to get ahead in the face of fierce competition.


The greater the territorial coverage, the larger the cities targeted by the business, the higher the competition. Promoting a website for the United States is more expensive than for Pakistan. It is more difficult to promote an online store with delivery throughout Ukraine than to optimize a business within one city.

To make SEO work more efficiently, specialists create additional landing pages for geo-dependent queries. This increases the budget, but at the same time allows you to better attract customers from different cities.

Technical condition

Attracting users to the site is half the battle. But if the visitor is not satisfied with something, he will simply close the tab. Therefore, monitoring the technical condition of the site is an important part of getting sales. At this stage, programmers improve the resource:

  • increase the speed of loading pages;
  • make site navigation clear and simple;
  • strive for fast indexing;
  • eliminate errors that prevent the user from completing an order.

The work of programmers is estimated in hours. The more flaws were found during the testing phase, the more expensive the cost.


The more headings, the larger the site, and with it the scale of SEO optimization. The size of the Internet resource affects the amount of work on technical improvement, placement of external links, and the creation of a semantic core when a specialist needs to group and work through hundreds of requests.


Key queries are divided into three categories based on popularity: high, medium, and low frequency. The higher the frequency, the more work needs to be done to get into the TOP.

What does the promotion of an online store consist of?

SEO optimization works can be divided into basic and supporting ones. The first are the basis for promotion, they are performed in the first months. Further, the site needs supporting activities – such as writing and publishing content, external optimization.

Technical audit

At this stage, the site is checked for optimization errors. The audit lasts up to two days, its cost varies depending on the scale of the resource and geo-focus. As a result, the client receives a list of all problems and recommendations for their elimination.

Already at this stage, the advantages of working with a multifunctional agency become clear. Immediately after the discussion with the client, the SEO team gives the audit document together with the technical specification to the programming department. The customer does not need to look for performers, the work has already been established.

You can order a technical audit of the site separately and after that decide whether to cooperate with the agency further.

Semantic core and structure

After the audit, specialists start collecting and clustering the semantic core. This is a list of all the key queries that will be used to optimize the site. The semantic core, or as it is called in abbreviated form – ?Y, expands, groups, remove “garbage” and irrelevant queries. To do this, the SEO specialist performs the following manipulations:

Determines the most priority pages for the client.

It selects competitors in search results, analyzes their semantics.

Expands and clusters the semantic core, including using synonyms and search hints.

Distributes “keys” across pages.

Sorts requests into commercial and informational. The former is used on pages with products/services, the latter is used in the blog.

If necessary, prepares technical specifications for the creation and optimization of new landing pages (this happens, for example, when there is a request from users, the client has an offer, but there is no URL for this).

At the same stage, if necessary, the structure of the site is being finalized. When executed correctly, it simplifies interaction with users, increases the effect of linking, positively affects the ranking in search results, and ultimately increases conversions (sales).

Content creation

Content is one of the top-ranking factors in 2021. Sites with interesting, useful, and high-quality articles go to the first page of the search results. The content also needs to be optimized, so at the start, the SEO specialist writes technical specifications for copywriters with a list of keywords that need to be included in the text.

In attracting customers, content plays not only the role of an intermediary between SEO and search algorithms but is also directly involved. Having received answers to their questions, users are imbued with confidence in the resource. An aura of expertise is what content gives.


The price for promoting an online store depends on a large number of factors. Among them – the level of competition, regionality, site size. The costs of promoting a small online store will be less compared to the costs of a large multifunctional online platform. It is more expensive to attract clients from the United States than in Pakistan. It is more difficult to bring a website selling shoes to the TOP than an online store of fishing accessories. The cost of promoting an online store includes a full range of attracting customers and converting them into buyers. Site pages should not only be in the first positions of search results, but also be as attractive as possible, convenient in terms of finding the desired product, information and ordering. Therefore, optimizers work not only to optimize the site but also directly on the internal content of the resource.

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