How to generate more leads in your SaaS Company?

How to generate more leads in your SaaS Company?

How to generate more leads in your SaaS Company?

In a really efficient marketing strategy, one of the main focuses must be the acquisition of leads: not only in greater numbers but also with more quality. This challenge is often one of the biggest difficulties for a Software as a Service (SaaS) company to grow in the market. After all, the solutions that your system offers are specific to the pain of a portion of the population, and it is this niche that your marketing strategy must seek to conquer.

This has become even more important with the transformations caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The digital world has grown and become even more central in people’s lives.

In addition, sales slowed and we were forced to try to understand what the coronavirus situation can teach us about digital marketing.

In a more digital environment and with fewer sales, the relationship with customers, nurturing the base and generating relevant content has become more important than ever, as well as capturing new leads. And that importance will continue in our digital age.

With these challenges in mind, we organize strategies to drive lead generation for your SaaS Company. Check out:

1. Know your company’s SaaS audience

For any marketing strategy, you need to know precisely who your audience is – and this is even more central when generating leads for a SaaS company, after all, the audience is a select portion of the population.

Generally, the most commonly heard guidance at this point is to establish who your target audience is. This action is interesting, but we must say that it is not enough. You need to know who your customer is in the digital age, know him as a human being in view of his peculiarities, not as numbers.

To do this, you must discover the importance of personas to your software company.

Personas are fictional profiles of the ideal customer for your SaaS company. You research information about who is the audience your company wants to attract and assemble a personality – with a name, interests, desires, and pains – that is credible. So, when preparing marketing actions, this is the person your company will deal with.

This makes marketing more humanized and interested, and allows for a huge increase in the number of leads generated, especially if you respect your personas’ buying journey.

Check out our blog post to learn how to define your personas: How to create a persona for your company.

2. Your team needs to know the SaaS you are offering

This tip is essential for marketing and sales teams. Whether it’s creating content, capturing and nurturing leads, taking the lead through the sales funnel, or closing the deal.

At each of these steps, your team needs to demonstrate their knowledge of the system. Knowing how to explore your strengths, show your advantages and show the lead that the solution you offer is perfect to solve their pain.

Find out what your differential is, find out exactly how your product can help your potential customer, and show total mastery of the subject. This drives reliability and increased lead generation.

3. Offer interesting and free content

One of the main mental triggers of marketing is reciprocity. As human beings, we have a natural tendency to seek to give back something that gives us some kind of value.

So when you produce content that is really helpful in easing your persona pains, potential customers who stumble across that material feel favorably biased towards your company.

This makes them become leads, consume more content produced by your company, reciprocate by filling out forms with names and emails, and enter your sales funnel. So you get more leads for your Saas Company.

4. Generate leads with Inbound Marketing

With the evolution of the digital world and the transformation of the consumer to adapt to this new era, inbound marketing has become perhaps the most powerful tool to attract leads and generate sales. Want to know what Inbound Marketing is?

This is a strategy that differs from traditional marketing as it is not invasive. Instead of going after the customer to try to generate a sale, Inbound Marketing attracts your audience by offering interesting content and making these people become leads in your sales funnel.

That’s why Inbound Marketing is also known as Attraction Marketing. It is our flagship here at Fluxo and has a very strong role, especially if it is well connected to your commercial.

5. Count on SEO and Google Ads

We realize that the entire process of attracting new leads revolves around the customer having a problem or demand and you offer him a solution. But the question remains: how will he reach you, to find your solution? That’s where Google comes in.

There’s no denying it: Google has long been the leading search engine across the internet and there’s nothing to indicate that this empire is close to shrinking.

Therefore, you need to take into account that your customer will go to Google to look for pertinent information and useful content – ??exactly what you are producing for him.

But if you’re not careful enough, your solutions will be buried by a huge number of other companies offering similar things – often with lesser quality. To handle this, you need to understand Google’s ranking and know what to take into account to get to the top of searches.

Combining SEO knowledge with potential investments in Google Ads you can make your content reach as many potential customers as possible – generating more and more leads for your company.

6. Automate your marketing and nurture your leads

When you’ve attracted your prospect and nurtured them enough to fill out a form with their contact channels, it’s time to work on marketing automation.

You can schedule a stream of emails (known as an automation stream) to deliver more useful content to your audience. This tool has a lot of potential for maintaining engagement and qualifying leads, but it needs to be done carefully.

It is not because it is a flow of automatic messages that this strategy can ignore the need for humanization in marketing in the digital world. So consider relying on an agency to help produce your automation flows.

7. Offer a test or demo of your SaaS

If you want even more leads becoming interested and engaging in your product, you might consider offering a free trial or demo of your Software as a Service (SaaS).

With this possibility, your leads can try your solutions and buy with much more confidence.

8. Count on our content to learn more!

The blog Flow Agency is full of interesting information not only for you to know how to generate more leads, but also to keep them nourished and increase your sales!

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