Effective CRM System to Grow your Company

Effective CRM System to Grow your Company

Effective CRM System to Grow your Company

CRM-system (customer relationship management) is a software tool that allows you to optimize and automate many work processes. With the help of different settings, such services can be adapted to a company of any size in order to increase sales, improve the quality of customer service and marketing effectiveness.

How useful CRM-system

It helps to communicate effectively with customers and optimize costs. By tracking the movement of the buyer through the sales funnel, you can understand which points and contact formats affect the result (closing the deal), and which ones only eat up the budget. Using this information, you can also manage repeat purchases. And fixing planned events, calls and meetings helps not to forget and not lose customers.

Every employee can access the information. Thanks to this, the client always feels recognized when contacting the company, which contributes to increased loyalty. In addition, the client is not tied to a specific employee. If a manager falls ill or quits, the accumulated contact base remains with the company.

Reflects the status of a particular sale.

The system clearly reflects the dynamics for a specific transaction and for a sample for a period. You can see how many calls each manager makes, emails, and deals per day/month/year. CRM also allows you to record telephone conversations and analyze them in order to improve the work of employees.

Some CRMs allow not only to organize work with the client base, but also to carry out internal document management, integrate with the site, instant messengers, email mailing services, control the cash register, create a single ecosystem of disparate branches, divisions and even business lines.

But if the company is small or does not require a wide range of options, then such universality of the program can become a problem due to the complexity of customization. As a result, CRM will not be built into the sales system, but salespeople will begin to adapt to the features of the program. A preliminary analysis of your own business and features of services allows you to avoid these risks.

What to look for when choosing a CRM

It is necessary to understand how the business processes of marketing and sales are organized in the company. If they happen spontaneously, then CRM will automate this chaos, only adding work to managers to fill it out. For the effective use of the program, a unified algorithm for the work of employees and prescribed scenarios for interacting with customers is required.

At this stage, moments that need automation are usually identified. Therefore, we at Serenity first design the work of the CRM system development and employees in it, and only after that we implement and configure it.

It is important to take into account the specifics of your field so that CRM solves the tasks you need. For example, when selling physical goods, integration with an online store is relevant. In the service sector, tracking the decision-making cycle about a deal. In banking, the ability to manage collections and prevent debts.

Criteria for choosing a CRM system

Convenient, clear and visually pleasing interface. First of all, you should be comfortable working in it and easy to navigate. If some modules and buttons are not needed, remove them in the settings so that they do not interfere and do not cause confusion.

It is important that you can change the levels of access to information and sections. For example, keep separate financial records with each employee, set tasks and accept the result. The security of information must also be controlled. It is important to be able to see who and when added, edited or deleted data in order, for example, to track the history of a particular client's card and resolve a controversial issue. Perhaps over time you will need additional CRM features. Or, on the contrary, some options will lose their relevance. It is important that the system can be adapted to new requests and quickly reconfigured.

Quality standards and data control.

If information about clients, transactions, tasks, etc. is entered correctly, then CRM search and reporting will be carried out correctly. See how the system monitors the correctness of the entered data (for example, the difference between the Latin and Russian alphabets) and whether these filters can be changed.

At Serenity, we help clients choose and set up a CRM system, as well as give recommendations on how to improve the work of the existing one. To do this, we conduct a brief for employees on the nuances of working with clients, conduct an audit of marketing and sales, research the target audience and offer solutions to increase key indicators, improve the sales funnel and optimize costs.

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