Differences between UX and UI in mobile app design

Differences between UX and UI in mobile app design

Differences between UX and UI in mobile app design

When it comes to designing mobile apps, we will find two phrases that at first glance seem similar, but in reality, are and comprise very different tasks. We refer to user experience design (User Experience, or UX) and user interface design (User Interface, or UI). If we want to carry out the development of an application for mobile devices, we must pay special attention to the correct development and integration of both elements within our app. We must also avoid the most common errors in the design of apps so that we ensure their good reception among users.

In the next post, we are going to explain the differences between both phases and the benefits they can bring us when we carry out their correct implementation in the design of mobile applications.

User experience and interface design are key elements in mobile app design

The user experience design is the initial step to determine the interaction of the appís functionalities with the users. What does the app provide? Does it satisfy a real consumer need? What feature will motivate users to download the application and use it? What is the type of target user and what habits of use do they have? After determining the basic characteristics, the user experience design must establish the interaction of users with the same functionalities of the app.

To do this, in the user experience design phase, a screen navigation map must be created, also called a flow diagram, which will provide a preview of the userís interactions with the mobile application. Screen navigation should have a simple structure for anyone to understand since if it is very complicated it can create confusion among users. A good objective to meet in the UX design is that the resulting application is simple, agile, and intuitive to the user, regardless of the complexity that it entails inside.

Creative cycle

On the other hand, interface design is a more creative cycle, focusing on what happens inside the screen, as well as what the user perceives. That is why one of the most important points in this stage is the creation of the user interface of the mobile application. For its correct realization, all the elements with which the user will interact must be defined, as well as specifying how the content will be displayed. In this phase, it is always necessary to take into account the terminals for which the app will be available since the interface has to adapt correctly to the different screen resolutions, and not exceed the maximum capacity of the hardware of the devices on which it must work.

In the interface design, the design of all the graphic elements of the project is also carried out. It is necessary to mark an aesthetic line, normally based on the brandís corporate identity manual and adapted to the environment of the tool itself. Within these tasks, for example, a color palette, fonts, buttons, and iconography are selected. These tasks are very important because they will directly affect the usability and readability of the written content of the app. Anyway, every year design trends change, adjusting to the tastes and interests of the majority of users.


In conclusion, user experience design and interface design are two very different phases, but equally necessary when carrying out the creation of a mobile application. The user experience creates the pillars of the app and establishes how it will work. While in the interface design cycle, the development of everything related to the appearance of the application is carried out, identifying the aesthetic tastes of the users and adapting the graphic line of the project to them. Both phases complement each other and thanks to their correct integration we are able to carry out the design of mobile apps that perfectly meet your requirements.

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