What is the difference between web agencies Vs. ESN?

What is the difference between web agencies Vs. ESN?

What is the difference between web agencies Vs. ESN?

The realization of a website or a mobile application or the redesign of a site requires the use of certain specific skills. To do this, it is possible to make a choice between three possibilities: use the services of a web developer, entrust the digital project to a specialized web agency in Pakistan or even use a Digital Services Company (ESN). Making one choice or another is a crucial decision to make with regard to the importance of the project in question. This is why it is important to know what differentiates a web agency from an ESN. The main element to remember first is that it is essential to use an experienced structure that has the expertise and skills necessary to carry out the project.


The appearance of web agencies was made during the 90s and they consist of a company whose primary activity is the processing of communication and web marketing projects whose purpose is to promote the brand image of an organization as well as its notoriety on the digital level. The particularity of the web agency is to bring together a set of various professions, rightly allowing it to process projects in a global and complete way without the need to resort to external service providers. The main tasks of an agency specializing in the field of the web are: to create, develop and manage websites. Among the skills available to a web agency are those in graphic design and also has the ability to offer other services in addition to the creation of a website.


Web agencies support their clients, whether individuals or professionals, during the process of carrying out the web development project as well as the design of a web marketing strategy. In addition, web agencies have as their field of activity the production of digital advertising and in particular natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA).

The skills that a web agency recruits are of different profiles like web developers, web designers, SEO and SEA referencing experts as well as web integrators and web editors. With regard to the various projects that a web agency in Pakistan deals about the development of the brand image and the e-reputation of an organization, the creation of mobile application, the realization of Internet sites , Branding campaign design,


An ESN (Digital Services Company) Enterprise Social Networks is a company that provides IT-type services to professionals. Most of the time it is a question of the creation of software applications, the maintenance of software, the design of information systems, the management of computer equipment, technical studies, a computer audit or even training on information systems. Information. An ESN is a company that specializes in computer-related activities as well as new technological tools. Most often, a professional uses an ESN when he needs services related to IT.


A Digital Services Company has skills whose profiles are generally related to IT project managers, IT engineers or web developers. In addition, these companies specializing in digital IT services act as partners providing sound advice to professionals and offering an IT system overhaul service. A classic ESN is essentially made up of IT consultants who can carry out interventions on a fixed price basis, in technical assistance or in TMA; commercial agents whose mission is to identify target companies.

Depending on customer demand, an ESN can intervene to advise or assist them or both at the same time, when it comes to project development, the design of various specific digital tools such as creation of software or application, as well as to provide a maintenance service if necessary and training to the personnel of a company. To do this, an ESN is required to have the skills of different profiles that can respond to all requests and carry out any type of mission.


Both the web agency and the ESN operate in a similar field relating to IT, new technologies and web development. The difference that distinguishes the two service providers lies in the approach they follow to carry out their missions. As a result, an ESN adopts an approach based essentially and mainly on the technical aspects relating to the development and maintenance of the computer equipment as well as the infrastructures, within the framework of a project to create an Internet site.

Conversely, a web agency will take care of the technical aspects but also those related to the design of the project in question. Thus, by calling on a web agency in Pakistan, it is possible for a company to deal with the technical aspect of the project and to approach the same strategic aspects such as natural and paid referencing and ergonomics. Client companies can thus benefit from advice and recommendations from professionals in the business who are knowledgeable and knowledgeable and who operate in different fields. You should also know that web agency in Pakistan often collaborate with ESNs in order to carry out technical interventions as part of a web development project.


To be able to choose between a web agency and an ESN, you have to rely on the objectives set for the web project to be undertaken. If a company declines a number of technical requirements for the creation of its website, it is necessary for this purpose to opt for a web agency in Pakistan. If, on the other hand, a company wishes to focus more on the design aspects for its web development project, it is therefore recommended that it use an ESN which will allow it to improve its reputation and notoriety on the web.

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