BigCommerce: What are the features that set it apart?

BigCommerce: What are the features that set it apart?

BigCommerce: What are the features that set it apart?

In line with our commitment to offering you the best solutions for your online business, at Exytex we choose the best platforms according to the advantages we can provide you, based on features such as those offered by BigCommerce platform. Especially in this case, we are offering BigCommerce development services in Pakistan.

Because as members of the BigCommerce Partner Program, we can offer one of the world's leading Open SaaS ecommerce solutions. But what exactly is it and what are the most outstanding features of BigCommerce? We tell you!

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce development services is defined as "the new era of electronic commerce" but, are they right? Totally. While BigCommerce is an established ecommerce platform that provides software services to small and medium-sized businesses. Placing the user at the center, this solution not only stands out for its versatility, stability, and scalability but also for its large catalog of advanced features.

Considered the platform with the fastest evolution in the sector, it is the most recommended option since its openness and power favor the optimization of each project, allowing efforts to be dedicated to business growth.


What are the main features of BigCommerce?

As we have anticipated, what differentiates BigCommerce from similar platforms is its ability to offer differentiated experiences thanks to its multiple functionalities.Thus, before deciding to take the leap into a new generation of eCommerce technologies, at Exytex we want to help you analyze some of the strategic advantages that BigCommerce offers your business, both from a design point of view and from a conversion perspective.


Advantages of BigCommerce related to the design of the online store

This tool, which allows both the design of the online store interface in a simple way through the drag and drop system and the customization of templates with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, has a great advantage for the user.And it is that BigCommerce development guarantees that the online store is mobile-responsive, something that guarantees a good user experience regardless of the platform from which you access.

But that's not the only strength of BigCommerce from a design perspective. And it is the platform is designed to facilitate Headless Commerce, that is, to allow the integration of electronic commerce with CMSs such as WordPress through APIs.


Advantages of BigCommerce related to eCommerce conversion

As we anticipated, the power of BigCommerce development favors the optimization of each project. And it is that the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure together with the integration of Google AMP and Akamai Image Manager allows the tool to guarantee high speed on the site.

In addition to making it easy to create discounts and promotions and personalize recommendations, BigCommerce keeps users focused at checkout. And it is that, not only allows payments by credit or debit card, but the tool facilitates integration with Paypal, Amazon, or Apple Pay. But that's not all, BigCommerce accepts payment with more than 100 currencies, a strategic advantage that facilitates the growth and expansion of companies into other markets.

And what about SEO? In terms of conversion, BigCommerce enhances organic traffic by making it easy to perform SEO optimizations such as creating customizable and search engine-friendly URLs or allowing the editing of metadata and robots.txt.

Putting the focus on conversion, we could not forget the link between BigCommerce and Google Analytics, Google Shopping, and Google Tag Manager. Analyzing business data is essential to make decisions and evaluate the level of success of each strategy, which is why this platform guarantees integration with the main web analytics tools. 


Differences between Shopify and BigCommerce

Now that you know the main features of BigCommerce development services, it is essential to know what differentiates this ecommerce platform from other solutions available on the market.Although the offer is very wide, we have decided to put on the table the main differences between Shopify and BigCommerce as they are the two most competitive platforms.

Thus, while Shopify is better suited to small-scale e-commerce projects, BigCommerce is not only a solution suitable for beginners but also the best alternative for medium and large-sized companies. Therefore, BigCommerce is best suited for B2B or B2C companies that are out of that early stage and are operating in a fast-paced, high-volume business.

Now that you know the main strategic advantages of BigCommerce, do you dare to take the plunge? Our team will help you boost your business with the most advanced platform for small and medium-sized companies. Shall we talk?

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