8 things to know about Twitter trends

8 things to know about Twitter trends

8 things to know about Twitter trends

The unique sound of Twitter is arguing or expressing opinions on different opinions. Their voices can be the inspiration for many communications for better development and improvement Social media service providers such as Twitter We use these voices to develop and improve our services so that the communication center works better. Let's get to know each other 8 things you should know about Twitter Trend So that you better understand how the functions work:

1) The trend is due to the algorithm

The algorithm is the determinant of the trend. By default, trends are customized for each user. This is based on people following Scrap Y from the location, however, the user can change the default value of the trend by selecting the desired location, for example, set to Thailand and seeing the topics that are trending or trending on Twitter in a specific location

2) Trends aren't just about the number of tweets.

Trends show current trends on Twitter. This does not count the total number of tweets on a particular topic and shows those with the most tweets. But the trend reflects what is happening today and allows users to find hot topics in real-time on Twitter at the time.

3) Without hashtags it can be a trend.

Hashtags are part of the Twitter trend, and the words or phrases used in tweets are counted too. Twitter also groups related hashtags, for example, #MotivationMonday and #Motivation It will be shown as #MotivationMonday Trending, etc.

4) How to view trending tweets

You can click or tap on trending posts. And the system will lead to the search results page for that trend. This will display multiple tweets, including relevant phrases, words, or hashtags. To view tweets that were trending before but are no longer on a trending list. Twitter users can still search for those tweets in the search box.

5) Be part of the trend

Twitter users can become part of the trend. By tweeting messages with phrases, words, or hashtags that are trending that’s it, the message will be part of the trend immediately. Twitter has filters to find only quality messages. Do you want to know what actions will cause the display of the tweet? You can read more in Search rules and restrictions

6) A description of the trend

From time to time, users can see trends, such as the estimated number of tweets. Or a personal context, like who on the web is tweeting about that matter if you look at the number of tweets being displayed. You can see that more tweets may appear lower in the ranking than those with fewer tweets. As explained above in point 2, trends are not based on the total number of tweets on that topic. But it is something that reflects what is happening at that moment.

7) Policies and rules related to Twitter Trend

Twitter wants the Trend feature to promote quality conversations. This means that Twitter can sometimes prevent certain types of content from trending, for example:

Contains obscene content or inappropriate image references.

Inciting hatred for the race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity. Religion, age, disability, or medical condition

Violate Twitter Regulations

8) There are two types of Twitter trends: general trends and promoted trends on Twitter.

The general trend is as described above and works under Twitter Regulations. However, Twitter has two advertising features that allow you to promote trends on Twitter:

You can view Twitter trends from any operating system. On the website, twitter.com Users can search for the trends displayed in the trends section of the Explore page, where the trends are displayed from many places, such as the timeline of the home page, the notifica

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